Prophet’s Chamber
The Prophet’s Chamber is a 10 ft x 24 ft. newly painted creamy white room with a hardwood floor located near bathrooms and a kitchen. It will be furnished with beds, television, desk, toy chest and storage. It will be arranged to be in compliance with ADA rules.
The following items are needed and will be gratefully accepted by making arrangements with our front office personnel by calling 423-878-6279. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP.
1 desk lamp
1 small dresser or chest of drawers
1 floor length mirror to attach to wall
2 bedside lamps
ironing board
3 end of bed foldable luggage racks
coffee pot
4 pillows
stackable washer/dryer
small bookshelf


We need toys in good condition from 3 months to 12 years old,for boys and girls. If you have any to donate, please call the office and ask  Jessica or Julie to check the present inventory to see what is currently needed. Because of space we can only accept a limited number in each age category so we much respectfully request that you check before anything in your category is brought to the station. Thank you for your generosity.
New items needed:
4 sets white sheets, size: please call front office
6 white bath towels
6 white hand towels
10 white wash cloths
Blue Matching bedspreads: please call front office for the size needed
Beds and Mattresses: Please call front office for sizes needed